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Especially nowadays it can be very hard to be unique. There are thousands of offers, advertising films and posters that show you what you should wear and buy. This excessive supply makes it hard to evolve an own style and to not get lost in the flow.  But you can counteract this by supporting small businesses and buying handmade clothes and accessories!

Unique products for unique people

If you buy handmade clothes you can be sure that no piece looks like the other. Even if you buy the same hoodie twice you are still able to see the differences. By wearing unique and handmade products you have the chance to make this world a littlemore colorful and diverse. Extraordinary designs by small shops will help you to emphasize your own individual style. Especially nowadays handmade products are something special and absolutely in vogue because they unite quality and craft. Usually this makes the products a little bit more expensive and the production time is longer than that of large clothing companies, but in return there is a lot of manual work, love and soul being put into it. This also increases the value of the clothing, because it makes a difference whether a person sits down and spends time to make the product as good as possible for the buyer or whether as many products as possible have to go off the production line in the shortest possible time by big companies.

Knowing the origin

Many people don't know where their clothes come from or ignore the fact that large clothing companies usually produce cheaply abroad. Many people only roughly know where their clothes come from and know little to nothing about the circumstances of the production. If you shop at small businesses you often know exactly where the products come from and who is working in the background. Those who buy handmade products usually support small and/ or local businesses which often have a very difficult time to maintain their business next to the industrial giants. At the same time this helps to preserve and increase the diversity of products. In addition to that small companies often are able to implement customer wishes due to the fact that everything is handmade. So if you have a good design idea and a wish for an even more unique product, it can be worthwhile to ask the shops’ customer support if your wish is realizable. More unique is always possible!

Good for you, good for the environment 

Since the manufacturing process takes place without big machines, the environment is also protected as less CO2 is getting blown into the air and energy is being saved at the same time. This is important because the clothing industry is one of the most polluting industries worldwide. Many places of production in e.g. Bangladesh are run by coal and gas and the chemicals used during the production end up in the groundwater and our air. Especially nowadays protecting the environment is a very important topic and should be valued by everyone!

Handmade clothes by Spacy Shirts

We at Spacy Shirts have chosen to sell handmade products because we want to give everyone the chance to wear something unique. We want to protect the environment and make the world a bit more colorful at the same time. Every product is guaranteed to be hand embroidered or hand dyed at our work studio in Hamburg. Therefore it is also possible for us to respond to customer requests personally and faster. If you have an idea for a different embroidery design or a different color combination, you can just contact us and in most cases we can implement your ideas! We also pay attention to use plastic-free packaging and gentle colors. In addition to that we offer the organic fabric option for our shirts, for all those who want to do even more good for the environment. Soon there will also be an organic option for our other products too.

We at Spacy Shirts take a lot of time to create great and unique products for you, our customers - never the same but unique and made with love (and we think that’s even better!) 👽

Production Prozess Anatomic Heart Shirt - Spacy Shirts 

Hand embroidered Anatomic Heart Shirt - by Spacy Shirts

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