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Spacy Shirts

Hand Embroidered Text Socks

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¤ Handmade, hand embroidered. 
¤ Unique, just like you!
¤ Personalization with custom text possible
¤ Individual look, every pair of socks looks a little bit different and unique.


¤ Because every product is hand embroidered, we are not able to create the perfect product.

¤ You will not get the exact same product as on the picture, all of our products are handmade and every piece looks different, that's what makes it unique.

 Europe US UK
35-38 5-7,5 (W), 3,5-6 (M) 2,5-5 (W), 3-5,5 (M)
39-42 8,5-11 (W), 7-9,5 (M) 6-8,5 (W), 6,5-9 (M)
43-46 12-13,5 (W), 10,5-12 (M) 9,5-12 (W), 10-12,5 (M)


Your Purchase:
¤ If you want a personalized product you can simply write your desired text in the note box right before checkout  
¤ The socks are made to order so please allow us some time to create your product
¤ The editing time before your order will be shipped is 2-3 weeks
¤ We create every product very carefully with love for detail! ♡

Packaging & Postage:
¤ Your products will be shipped in a safe & fancy package
¤ One eco-friendly postcard with an awesome print!
¤ Two eco-friendly business cards with an exclusive coupon
¤ One Spacy Shirts original sticker
¤ Once your order has been shipped you will receive a confirmation e-mail

¤ Email: 
¤ Instagram: @spacyshirts
¤ Tag your shopping experience: #spacyshirts